Still photography freezes time. It brings your eyes, mind and imagination to places you have never been. It makes the world a smaller place, and lets you see it through another pair of eyes, a new perspective. When I’m snapping pics of a new scene, the rising sun’s reflection from a flower’s morning dew, my daughter, or just about anything else, nothing else matters.. it’s not real. All that matters is the world on the other end of the lens. It is a very real experience for me. I just love the the temporary escape, expressing what I love about life here on Earth. Life where often times too many things get taken for granted.. We tend to forget about the beauty in life hiding right in front of our eyes.. For me life is’nt about the big picture, it’s more of a mosaic. A compilation of memories, smiles, and experiences that make the big picture what it is. My name is Cory, Welcome to my blog.


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